Civil Design, Inc. provides an array of GIS services to both private and public sector clients. With an integrated team of experienced Professional Engineers and GIS Specialists, CDI remains at the forefront of GIS deployment and technology. Our dedicated team members grant us the ability to explore the full potential of geographically referenced information—from GIS strategic planning, implementation, and data collection, to web applications and reporting.

CDI’s site team designs and develops comprehensive concepts and final plans, providing the appropriate site, utility, and grading solutions for each project. By proactively coordinating with the owner, project team, governing agencies, and utility companies, we create designs that are cost effective and ready for construction. Our knowledgeable team of professionals anticipates site challenges, actively working to minimize potential obstacles and deliver projects on-time and within budget.

CDI understands the complexities and nuances of the construction and design process, providing design inspection services and utilizing the available material resources to meet our clients’ needs effectively and efficiently. Our structures team routinely employs their extensive expertise to help our clients realize the most direct and proven project solutions. From a project’s inception through its completion, our structures team ensures each project phase is executed in a safe, cost-effective, and timely manner.

Offering services on either a standalone basis or to complement CDI’s other engineering capabilities, our surveying team has developed a comprehensive and intensive knowledge of surveying since its establishment in 2010. Having worked with a variety of clients across both the private and public sectors, our team uses the latest data collection and field equipment to produce client deliverables on-time and within budget constraints.

CDI provides the design and construction documents needed for highway and roadway projects, with design elements including everything from traffic volumes to striping and signing. Our transportation team has experience with both small- and large-scale projects, having worked with suburban communities who are expanding or rebuilding their roadways, as well as designing multi-lane expressways in metro areas. In recent years, we have played an integral role in some of our region’s largest transportation projects, including the Mississippi River crossing in downtown St. Louis and the I-64 Daniel Boone Bridge in St. Louis County.

Storm sewers, sanitary sewers, detention and retention basins, and open channels are all elements of hydraulic engineering that directly affect our environment and quality of life. Our water resources team studies, evaluates, and designs systems to alleviate overloaded sewers, replace deteriorated pipes, and design to accommodate future loads. In addition to the traditional approach to engineering questions, CDI looks for innovative ways to include green solutions. From bio-stabilized channel bank protection to stormwater quality BMP selection and design, CDI has an experienced team ready to help our clients find the best possible project processes.