Civil Design, Inc. specializes in all aspects of site development. We design and develop comprehensive concept and final plans that provide the appropriate site, utility and grading solutions needed for each specific project site. By proactively coordinating with the owner, project team, governing agencies and utility companies, we create designs that are cost effective and ready for construction. Our knowledgeable team of professionals anticipates potential site challenges and designs appropriate solutions that minimize obstacles, keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

In 2010, Civil Design, Inc. acquired a local surveying firm with experiences in both Missouri and Illinois. As a result, CDI now offers our clients the capability to provide surveying as a standalone services or as a complement to our other engineering capabilities. Our survey department has experience in all aspects of surveying, working with various clients in both the private and public sector. By using the latest data collection equipment, and the most advanced field equipment, CDI can produce deliverables in either Microstation or AutoCAD formats depending on our clients’ needs, on time and within their budget constraints.

Civil Design, Inc. has worked with transportation projects from conceptual design and environmental documentation through detailed plans and specifications. Our experience ranges from working with suburban communities who are expanding or rebuilding their roadways, to designing multi-lane expressways and freeways in metro areas. CDI engineers have been an integral part of the teams working on some of our region’s largest transportation projects, including the new Mississippi River crossing in downtown St. Louis and Route 3 in Madison and St. Clair counties in Illinois.

Storm sewers, sanitary sewers, detention and retention basins, and open channels are elements of hydraulic engineering that directly affect our environment and quality of life. Civil Design, Inc. studies, evaluates and designs systems to alleviate overloaded sewers, replace deteriorated pipes, and design to accommodate future loads. In addition to the traditional approach to many engineering questions, CDI looks for innovative ways to include “green” solutions. From Bio-stabilized channel bank protection to stormwater quality BMP selection and design, CDI has a professional staff ready to offer the level of service required.

Civil Design Inc. provides the complete spectrum of GIS services to both private and public sector clients. CDI is at the forefront of GIS deployment with an integrated staff of experienced Professional Engineers and GIS Specialists that enable us to exploit the full potential of geographically referenced information.

The Civil Design, Inc. team has the expertise necessary to handle a wide variety of projects for private or public clients, large or small. We collaborate with the client as-needed from inception to completion, through planning, design, and construction. This approach helps ensure that each project is safe, cost-effective, and on-schedule. Our staff utilizes the latest software to help deliver the most efficient product to our client.