CDI’s culture is centered completely around Building Stronger Communities. Whether it be our client community of trusted partners in civic progress, business and engineering, our local community of the cities and neighborhoods where we live and work or our co-worker community of dedicated staff and their supportive families; CDI is committed to leading a positive and sustaining impact to all those we serve.

This is why having a strong and vibrant culture is so important to CDI, we are building a community of dedicated and passionate team members who are focused not on themselves, but rather focused on those we serve. And it is because of this culture of community-based and servant leadership, we will consistently offer the most positive, quality-drivenand authentic experience.

   Continuous Learning and Growth

We believe individual potential should never be underestimated and we have the courage to challenge each other in productive ways.

   Mutual Trust and Respect

We aspire to create an environment that provides professional freedom focused on trust and respect.

   Personal Ownership

We believe that commitment, driven by personal initiative, is the best way to serve our company, clients and community.


We believe that exceptional service means quickly responding to the needs of others.
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